martedì 31 luglio 2007

Sabayon Linux Live 3.4 Download

Pochi giorni fa, il 24 luglio, è stata rilasciata la nuova versione stabile di Sabayon Linux 3.4

le principali caratteristiche della nuova versione (sia Live che installata) sono riassunte nel comunicato ufficiale, che riporto:

    Distribution Features:
  • The most advanced: Linux Kernel 2.6.22 with extra Power Management (PowerTop), Wireless (mac80211), Ext4 Filesystem, Scheduler (CFS) and Virtualization (KVM,Virt-Manager,VirtualBox) support
  • Gaming oriented: featuring,
  • Savage 2
  • FlightGear
  • DangerDeep
  • Warsow
  • Nexuiz
  • Torcs
  • Battle of Wesnoth
  • Second Life
  • Latest NVIDIA (100.14.11) and AMD (8.38.6) GPU drivers
  • The most Windows-aware: supporting NTFS in read/write and Wine Doors utility, that let you install Windows applications as easy as 1-2-3 (using Wine 0.9.40).
  • The first to support Ext4 File System: for the braves, Sabayon Linux Installer can easily handle it.
  • The most Stable Cutting Edge DVD: featuring Compiz Fusion and Metisse (Technology Preview) integration
  • Much more flexible: the Installer now features a really improved execution speed, RAID10 support, Ext4 Support, UUID device naming support, a Packages Selector, a Boot Services Selector and also a Core/Minimal Install Method (Server deployments)
  • The Most Laptop Aware: tested and optimized also for Laptop usage
  • X.Org 7.3 with automatic Monitor configuration
  • KDE 3.5.7
  • GNOME 2.18.2
  • Strong identity: no Server applications installed (you will find them in the Business Edition)
  • Less Duplicated Packages: removed about 140 duplicated applications
  • Better Mactel support: added support for Intel ICH8M, Atheros Wireless cards, Backlight management and new Synaptics touchpads
  • Better Out of the Box hardware support: Agere et131x,
  • VMware Guest Installation Support
  • Media Center capabilities: featuring GeeXbox 1.1 and Elisa Media Center (Technology Preview)
  • Incredible set of installed and preconfigured Applications (see Packages List below)
  • The most tested Stable Release: in the last 4 months, our Core Beta Team have done a great work to accomply our always growing QA standards. This transformed Sabayon Linux 3.4 in the most reliable version ever released.

Link per il download mirror Sabayon Linux Live 3.4

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