venerdì 29 dicembre 2006

HD DVD AACS Hack, Crack o banf?

Secondo questo sito, qualcuno è riuscito a bypassare la protezione AACS dei nuovi HD DVD :D

Report: HD-DVD copy protection defeated
BoingBoing reader Gunther says,
On the doom9 forums there is news of a new tool to decrypt HDDVD's. How you get the key is not yet clear but there is a promise to have a tool to get the needed key later. (check the #9 post in the thread): Link, and related coverage at the Inquirer UK.
Here is the instructional video posted by muslix64, the guy who claims credit. He says, "I was not aware of anyone having done that, so I did. Have a look. The AACS copy protection system is realy Unbreakable! The program is a simple implementation of the aacs crypto protocol freely available on the net. No reverse engineering! Stay tuned for source code soon! Merry Christmas everyone!"

sarà vero? dopo miss'italia e un papa nero, avere un hd-dvd crackato?

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